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Steven Mentzer

17-005 'Infinite Scroll'

ink and acrylic on paper

18-003 'Take Your Pick'

ink and acrylic on paper

18-005 'All-American'

acrylic plexiglass

18-007 'We Still Embrace'

digital photography printed on silk

19-006 'Dazzle'

foam core, paper, and acrylic paint

19-007.2 '22' A Self Portrait 

wood and graphite

19-008.2 Untitled

ink and acrylic on paper

19-009.A-E 'We Dazzle'

wood, rabbit skin glue, marble dust, acrylic paint

20-013 Untitled

oil on canvas

20-014 'Deep Blue'

oil on canvas

20-015 'Counting Daze'

oil on canvas

20-016.A-C 'Wash Your Hands' 

digital photography

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