I attempt to substantiate the nominal units of art. the individual gestures, the minimal acts, and influences on material and surface that often erase and obscure themselves as they are produced. These actions require repetition to draw focus or to create a whole to substantiate the worth of the collective whole rather than standalone intentions of art. 

Through a present and mindful methodology, the artwork can be seen as a cumulative whole produced through numerous deliberately hand-placed repetitive gestures. The focus given to the act of creating is a time of meditation providing mental space to ruminate on each present act and what the individual means in relation to the aggregate whole and how to balance the value of the two in a final composition.

My practice imposes structure on these gestures so the viewer can recognize each as one and part of a whole. The unique complexity of the individual can never be changed, but when things collect, power, strength, and dynamic fluidity emerge to claim the ability to change. My process necessitates me to acknowledge chaos; as each gesture accumulates, the entropy of the artwork grows, increasing the likelihood that any point, an error can occur. It takes control to let growth continue, and it takes reflection to understand when chaos can ensue.